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Missouri Red Angus Breeder's Showcase Spring Sale
April 19, 2008

Orys Cricket

Orys Kings Delight
Lot 8 - Reg. 946631
Orys King Delight   Low maintenance, high fertility and high efficiency best describe this elite King Rob daughter. Take a hard look at her Javelin heifer as proof. Her dam, Orys Cricket is without a doubt the best cow we have ever raised in 40+ years in the seedstock business. Delight in her own right is a Champion having won the DuQuoin Illinois State Fair. Here is an opportunity to gain years of lead time with a proven young donor cow. Her growth and maternal EPD's rank in the top 5% of the breed. She is AI'd back to LJC Javelin and will calve 09/19/08.
Selling 1/2 embryo interest and full possession, or share possession and flush for new owners, if desired.

Lot 8A
- Heifer - Reg. 1208638
Orys Javelins Anasco Queen  Queen's sire, LJC Javelin sold for $46,000 at the History in the Making Sale. He is proving to be one of the all time muscle bulls in the history of the breed. He is in the top 1% for REA, the top 10% for YW, the top 20% for WW and ME, plus being a calving ease bull. With all that Anasco Queen has going for her in lineage, she could become one of the top cows in the Red Angus breed.

O&R's King Brier
Lot 9 - Cow/Calf - Reg. 1064486
Ory's Catalyst Amber  You won't have many opportunities to purchase GP Catalyst females because they are great females and most people will not let then go. This proven young cow will sell with a fancy heifer calf at side out of our King Rob son O & R's King Brier.

Lot 9A - Heifer - Reg. 1207777
Orys Brier's Miss Jade

O&R's Tahonta
Lot 10 - Cow/Calf - Reg. 643513
Orys Miss Kitty H83E  Kitty is one of our old show cows that has not only produced many show progeny for us, but has also been a rock solid producing brood cow. We hate to part with her, but we must make room for the next generation. She is a Logan 210 with a marbling EPD of .31. She sells with a heifer calf at side and is bred back to our Catalyst son, O&R's Tahonta (Reg. 982992) and is due 10-08-08. She has never had a bull calf.

Lot 10A - Heifer - Reg. 1207776
Orys Brier's Glacier Kitten  This little lady has an excellent set of EPD's across the board, with a stayability of 14. She is dark red.

No Photo Currently Available!

Lot 11 - Cow/Calf - Reg. 787156
Tycksen Pride 192  L92 is a King Rob bred cow in her prime doing exactly what she is supposed to producing a calf every year on forage, with little outside help. She had a bull calf out of Beckton Lancer F442T (Reg. 533603) on February 29, 2008. He weighed 74 lbs.

SKM Cherokee Canyon Cow
Lot 12 - Bred Cow - Reg. 1065123
BarQ Cherokee Princess 0527  Princess is a moderate framed, easy fleshing Cherokee Canyon daughter due to calve in March to a Major League son (Reg. 1085705) with EPD's of CED 2  BW 0.3  WW 33  YW 58  M 21 
TM 38  ME 7  HPG 11  CEM 1  S 12 
Marb 0.07  REA 0.19  FAT 0.00

No Photo Currently Available!

Lot 13 - Bred Cow - Reg. 1054309
Pinnacle 419   419 is a real solid young cow with a strong maternal pedigree with Glacier Logan and LCHMN On Target to back it up. Check out her 42 TM along with excellent growth numbers. She is due to calve March 2, 2008 to Beckton Lancer F442T (Reg. 533603)


Lot 14 - Open Heifer - Reg. 1163113
SKM 716  This is a great junior heifer prospect, with an absolute perfect disposition, for the younger showman. She will be very competitive in the intermediate division and should have no trouble getting in the purple. She has a square hip, flat top, deep full rib, plenty of muscle and a strait leg on each corner that will catch the eye of any judge.

Lot 15 - Open Heifer - Reg. 1160648
Gourley Tracy 717  Tracy is a real cow man's kind with rapid growth, easy fleshing and maternal background of 18 on Milk and a 41 Total Maternal, plus a 12 on stayability. You can breed her to any show bull, or carcass stud, and double your investment with just one calf.

Lot 16 - Open Heifer - Reg. 1200638
Orys Vulcan's Mis Dina  Nolind Ward of N-Bar Cattle Co. thinks the N-Bar Vulcan bull produces the best females on his ranch. They also do well in the show ring winner Premier Breeder for Nolind, at the 2005 National Red Angus Show in Iowa. Dina is moderate framed, easy fleshing, dark red heifer that will be very efficient. Her dam sells as Lot 9.

Lot 17 - Open Heifer - Reg. 1200637
Orys Wyatt's Sweet Pea  The Cherokee McCue females are real working class cows. Sweet Pea is a first calf daughter, whose mother had her second calf right on time. She is a 1250# cow with a perfect udder and holds her body condition while weaning a 600# calf. This female is good enough to show except for a patch of white between her front legs. Her sire, Ory's Wyatt McCue was the Grand Champion bull at the 2006 Iowa State Fair, which is no small feat. her GD, Sims Dyna Queen, was a three time National Champion for Leachman Cattle Co.


Lot 18 - Open Heifer - Reg. 1203038
Carrie is another daughter of the 2006 Iowa State Fair Grand Champion. Wyatt McCue is now the top herd sire for Hidden Creek Ranch, in Amory, MS. Carrie is a double bred Cherokee McCue daughter. McCue calves have won numerous weight of gain tests. She should make a solid addition to anyone's cow herd.



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